About Us

About Us

A Few Words About Orbis-Service

We are a privately held global recruitment agency having globally interlinked professionals with extensive understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry’s specific demands. Our entrepreneurial creativity of locally owned and globally driven partnerships makes us the world’s premier executive recruitment and selection organization to serve clients all across the globe.

At Orbis, service quality is our top priority. We have adopted international practices and methodologies to ensure timely and successful executive search. We utilize the in depth market knowledge and do comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers..

Our Value


We work in a way that both client and candidate are fully aware and involved throughout the entire process. No hidden agendas, no unknowns and a true collaborative approach where all parties are always on the same page. The Directors also need to be honest, genuine and upfront with anyone associated with the business. i.e. staff, consultants, contractors or business partners/service providers.


Having a clear and consistent approach is crucial. We want our clients and candidates to have the same great experience every time regardless of consultant, position or location. Our systems, procedures, protocols, training, attitude and culture all need to be consistent. We have an uncompromising stance on this. It has to be spot on – all the time.


Our service, our people & our process all have to be of the highest quality. The ‘Consistent’ and ‘Quality’ values tie in perfectly together and show our intention to strive for excellence at all times.


We can’t help but be passionate and energetic with what we do. We love it! You can’t be successful and get a great result for your candidate or client if you aren’t genuinely excited to be part of the process with them. Internally, we want to push the energy levels through the roof and make a real difference in the industry.


Pride is what keeps all of the above in check. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our strict adherence to providing a Transparent, Consistent, Quality service and getting a fantastic result. We are competitive and take the responsibility we have to our clients, candidates and staff seriously, however are also proud to say there is a fair bit of fun along the way too. We want our staff to be proud to say they work in Recruitment and are part of the Orbis Consulting team. We want our clients to be proud to call us their recruiting partner and have us as part of their business and for us to be equally proud and share the success with them.

What Sets Us Apart

Orbis has a number of unique characteristics that define us as one of the leading recruitment consultancies in the world.

Industry Specialists

We employ specialist recruitment consultants for each job sector that we cover. This ensures every consultant is an expert on their specific industry and is able to offer expert advice to both employers and job seekers.

Quality & Time

We at Orbis deeply understand the importance of Quality and Time taken to deliver services to business and associated professionals which lay a foundation stone for your success, hence our primary motive is to deliver on time Signature Quality & Performance for whatever we do and we strongly believe in growing high and growing together.

Global Strength

The Orbis brand is among the most widely recognized in the professional recruitment industry. Our globally recognized brand attracts the highest quality job seekers and a broad range of blue chip employers.


Each year more and more job seekers and employers engage Orbis as a result of a personal referral. This is a testament to the high level of professionalism and service that has established Orbis as a market leader in the professional recruitment sector.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We invest in people so that we can embrace the culture of personal touch and reliability when interacting with our clients, candidates and colleagues to bring them a rewarding experience.

Our Vision

To be the primary Human Resource Consultancy of choice for the industries, functionalities and geographies which we operate in.

Our Role

Our role is to work with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful match. This can range from advising a global company on a candidate sourcing strategy to helping a job seeker find their dream job.

We focus on recruiting for the following sectors:
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Automobile
  • Advertising/Media/PR
  • Power
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Banking
  • IT(Information Technology)
  • Pharmaceuticals, healthcare life-sciences

Service Quality

At Orbis, service quality is our top priority. We have adopted international practices and methodologies to ensure timely and successful executive search. We utilize the in depth market knowledge and do comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers. We give prime emphasis to R & D that helps in building a cohesive professional group covering a wide spectrum of industrial practices. Committed to timely and efficient execution of assignments, we focus on the significance of excellent human capital to produce sustained growth and profits round the year.

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